What is BerryBreeze?

BerryBreeze is a refrigerator freshener invented by BerryBreeze, Inc. headquartered in Las Vegas and distributed in 32 countries around the world. Ozone created by the patented technology cleans the air in your refrigerator and fills the inside with purified fresh air as you would breathe deep in a forest.

Reduce your refrigerator’s unwanted odor to about 1/4(*1) and keep the food fresh for more than 2 times longer(*2). BerryBreeze allows you to reduce food waste and an eco friendly refrigerator freshener.
Protect food by killing microbes and mold and eliminating the ethylene gas(*3) that causes food spoilage / decay, so that you can keep the food fresh more than 2 times longer(*2).
Neutralize microorganisms that cause odor(*3), reduce unwanted odor to about 1/4(*1) and prevent odor from spreading to other food.
BerryBreeze is battery-operated. You just put in four D size batteries and place it at the back of the upper shelf in your refrigerator. All you have to do is just change the batteries once every 6 months. There is no need for a power point or to change the filter(*4).
Control creation of ozone appropriately by the patented technology and effectively keep the freshness of food as well as deodorizing.

*US Patent No.: 7,687,040
This product has been certified as acceptable for use in organic production in accordance with the USDA National Organic Standards.
The effects of prolonging freshness and odor elimination have been verified by an independent organization (R&D Enterprises) (*5).
  • Amount of total household food waste is ten million tons annually!(*6) This is actually more than the amount of rice production (8.5 million.) (*7)
  • When converting the food waste per household into money, it is about 60,000yen per year!(*8)
  • BerryBreeze makes food in the refrigerator last longer and reduces food waste.
*1. This doesn’t mean that it can eliminate the entire odor. *2. It doesn’t have an effect that brings the rotten / deteriorated food back to an edible condition. Food freshness and available storage days of the food may vary depending on the usage environment (refrigerator’s condition, amount of food and where it is placed etc.) Also plastic wrap may be needed in some cases. *3. Hidetoshi Sugimitsu: BASICS AND APPLICATIONS OF OZONE, 323-338,KORIN (1996) *4. BerryBreeze can only be used in a refrigerator. Please do not use it for other purposes or with other equipment. Also, please use one of this product for a refrigerator (10L to 800L.) *5. ●These effects of BerryBreeze (killing bacteria, keeping food fresh and eliminating odor) are verified with a refrigerator of 461.5L. ●Testing was implemented by R&D Enterprises Inc. ●Test method: Cut melon pieces were put in two household refrigerators. BerryBreeze was put on the top shelf in one of the refrigerators and a comparison of the conditions in each refrigerator was done after normal operation. ●Test result: food placed in the refrigerator with BerryBreeze didn’t get mold or go rotten for 7 days, while food in the refrigerator without BerryBreeze got moldy after 3 days. ●Testing was implemented by R&D Enterprises Inc. ●Test method: odor strength evaluation (5 strength level) by 10 sensory panelists (sensory evaluation). ●Tested odor: 6 kinds of food (salami, Gorgonzola cheese, onion, crushed garlic, sliced cabbage, and raw chicken four days after the purchase date) was put in two household refrigerators. BerryBreeze was placed in one refrigerator and the odor was compared after 2 days. ●Method of odor elimination: Diffuse ozone by BerryBreeze ●Test result : Odor strength in the refrigerator without BerryBreeze was evaluated to be “Very strong odor” (average 4.6), while the one with BerryBreeze was assessed to be “Nearly no odor” (average 1.2). Please note that the effect of the BerryBreeze may vary depending on the usage environment (refrigerator’s condition, amount of food and where it is placed etc.) Also, this doesn’t mean it will be able to extend the used by date or ensure the prevention of food from poisoning and norovirus etc. *6. Ministry of the Environment, Environment statistical report 4.44, Status of food waste disposal (2009) *7 Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries [Rice yield in 2009] *8 Kyoto City, Kyoto Food waste information center “Food waste data in Kyoto city” * Specifications, price and design are subject to change without prior notice.