Fully compatible with iPad and other tablets (mobile solar 5000)

You can charge your smartphone or tablet whenever and wherever you are.

mobile solar 5000 is compatible with all smartphones and tablets regardless the brand of devices. With mobile solar 5000, you can charge two smartphones at the same time, twice over. High output at a maximum of 2.1A allows you to charge them rapidly. You can also charge your tablet.

mobile solar 2500 is about the size of a business card. Specifically designed for smartphones. It’s a light and thin battery charger which women can easily carry around.

Both models have a built in solar panel. mobile solar 5000 charges up to 30 to 40%, mobile solar 2500 charges up to 20 to 30% of iPhone battery under 6 hours of direct sunshine. (based on the actual testing result by our company using an iPhone5.) *Please note that this may vary depending on sun condition.

In your daily life or emergency situations, mobile solar helps your modern smart life.

Fully charges a smartphone two times

5000mAh large battery capacity allows you to fully charge your smartphone twice. You will get peace of mind when you go out for a long time.

(with mobile solar 5000)

Charge two devices at the same time

Our innovative auto-output-control feature allows you to charge two smartphones, or a smartphone and a tablet, or a smartphone and a game console at the same time and provide the best output for each device. (For tablets, mobile solar 5000 only)

Thin and light! Specifically designed for smartphones

mobile solar 2500 is thin and light, and about the size of a business card. Specifically designed for smartphones. It is suitable for carrying around with you.

2 ways of charging (USB/solar light)

Able to charge not only by USB cable or AC adapter (sold separately) but also by sunlight. Helpful item as a disaster preparedness.

Compatible with all smartphone models

Our originally developed power output technology allows full compatibility for all of smartphone and tables (as for tables, only good for mobile solar 5000)

Safety and quality come first

We strive for thorough quality control and also conduct quality check in Japan. PSE, CE, FCC, and RoHS all certified.

Compatible for all devices

Charge not only iPhone and Android, but also iPad, Nexus, Kindle and so on.

(Only mobile solar 5000 is compatible with tablets)

Also, it is compatible with other devices such as portable WiFi routers, PSP, PSVITA, Nintendo 3DS and other game consoles.

Very easy to use!

Charge your mobile solar by USB cable or sunlight, and just connect it to your portable device when you need it. When you turn the switch ON, it will start charging.

*Please note that when you charge your mobile solar using a USB cable, connect it to your computer’s USB port directly. Please avoid using a USB hub.

*Only mobile solar 5000 is able to charge two devices at the same time as well as charging a tablet as shown in the above image

*Lightening and Apple 30 pin connectors are not included, please use your Lightning cable.

*For the devices with which the connector isn’t supplied, please use a commercially available cable.