A new way of recycling plastic bottles

An eco-friendly hanger that makes use of emptied plastic bottles. When it gets dirty or damaged, just change for a new bottle and you have a clean one again.

Plastic bottle’s roundness is friendly to your clothes. It prevents your shirts from losing their shape. It is very popular among surfers and divers as it is also suitable to hang wetsuits.

Easy to attach

As easy as just closing your plastic bottle’s lid

Compact and easy to carry

Fit in your pocket and carry it around.

The roundness stops your shirts from losing shape.

The plastic bottle’s roundness stops your shirts from losing shape. It has high strength and is also suitable for heavy leather jacket and soaked wetsuits.

High versatility

Fit with most of commercially available plastic bottles. Just screw the bottles and turn it a hanger.

Easy to use!

Just take the lids off from two emptied plastic bottles and screw them into the product. Plastic bottle waste turns into a handy clothes hanger.

For these scenes!

・For your wetsuits

・For your clothes that easily lose their shape

・In your suitcase

・In your desk at the office

・In your car for emergency use

・For outdoor activities

・As an educational item to teach about environmental issues.