LED candles with the flame flickers and sways just like real candles

This LED candle was developed for the purpose of creating a special atmosphere to be used at theme parks, churches, museums, memorial halls or windows. It’s not just an ordinary blinker light but has adopted a unique (patented*) technology to make the candle flame look just like a real one. This will help you to enjoy your quality time.

*US patented #8070319

Safety is a beautiful thing.

Our candles safely go where traditional flame candles can’t. Perfect for homes with curious kids, pets and places like bookshelves and bedrooms. (No more soot on the walls or ceiling, either.) You get peace of mind and a whole new world of decorating possibilities.

Realistic texture created by authentic wax

The authentic wax gives the candles a sophisticated real texture.

Energy efficient and space-saving

With the new model, they have succeeded in gaining 2.4 times more energy-saving, and use two ‘C’ batteries instead of ‘D’ batteries while maintaining 500 hours lighting time.

Useful timer function

Once you set the timer, it turns on automatically at the set time everyday and turns off automatically after 5 hours, so there is no need to worry about forgetting to turn it off.

Pillar candles with the authentic scented wax

LUMINARA’s popular model. Our antique surface finished by hand on the scented authentic wax allows for a realistic texture. You can enjoy not only the real flame-effect but also the texture in each color and scent.

4 colors lineup

4 colors (ivory, red, green and pink) of LUMINARA pillar candles are available.

Specialized not only in the real flame-effect but also the real texture

The special surface finish on the wax gives an antique feeling

Flat top model allows you enjoy the real flame-effect from any angle

Flat top model. Simple and geometrical design with glossy surface shows the beauty of the candle. With unscented feature, you get peace of mind to use it on various kitchens and dining environment.

Simple and elegant design

The flat top model has a simple and elegant silhouette.

Can be seen from any angle

You can enjoy the real flame-effect from any angle.


Unscented candles perfectly fit in kitchen and dining environment.

Create ambience from various angles

The flame reflected on a window or mirror creates a more fantastical ambience.

Botanical candles decorated with a colorful nature scene

Embedded botanical series add an accent to the conventional LUMINARA range. The Birch Wood candle is wrapped in birch bark and its tranquil design delivers an everlasting summer resort-like feeling in warm seasons and bring warmth in autumn and winter.

Elegant design

The botanical pattern creates elegant ambience even when the candle is turned off.

Illuminate your style.

You get a sophisticated look that delivers what Luminara does best —creating instant ambience wherever you place it. Our candles are indispensable to anyone who wants to create a beautiful and memorable experience.

Use the remote control and easily enjoy the candle

When you leave the LUMINARA’s main power switch ON, you can turn all the candles ON or OFF at once using the remote. Place several candles in your room and enjoy a fantastical candlelit night.

Simple remote control function

The remote control can be operated about 5 to 6 meters away (2 to 3m depending on the angle). ON and OFF function only. Simple and easy to use.

The remote comes with the battery

You can use the remote as soon as you purchase as the lithium button battery (CR2025) comes with it. When the battery runs out, please change it to new one (CR2025).

AC powered Pigtail candles never require battery replacement

AC powered LUMINARA has been launched, while maintaining the battery powered LUMINARA’s attractiveness. Using commercially available USB hub allows you to use multiple LUMINARA with just one power supply and so you can create various scenes

Have all the LUMINARA’s attractiveness

Have all the LUMINARA’s attractiveness such as, Real flame-effect, Texture of authentic wax, Timer function and Remote control!

No more battery replacement

Battery repayment free allows you to put LUMINARA in places you want to use for permanent lighting.

USB hub allows you to put the candles in small spaces

Because it is not only AC adaptor powered, but also USB powered, you can put the candles in small spaces.